Our Team

Lisa Dougherty

Founder and Master Trainer

Lisa has worked in the fitness industry for over 2 decades, holding dozens of specialty certifications for working with medical conditions and chronic diseases.

David Kruse, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Kruse is a board certified Primary Care Sports Medicine specialist. His clinical expertise includes non-operative orthopedics and musculoskeletal care. 

Kent Adams

Master Trainer and Massage Therapist

Kent has 35 years of experience as a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, working with all ages and types of clientele including athletes and seniors.

Divya Hadavale

Advanced Trainer

Divya is dedicated to empowering individuals on their health and wellness journeys. She helps clients reach their fitness goals, promote overall well-being, and manage chronic health concerns. 

Jessica Monnig


Pilates with Jessica delves into body functionality, building strength internally, addressing pain, and enhancing overall awareness.

Zabrina Rios

Massage Therapist

Zabrina has been a certified and practicing massage therapist for the past 6 years. She is passionate about helping others and believes in creating a healthy balance in clients lives.

Gary Rosenthal

Massage; Integrative Mind & Body Therapy

Gary is an experienced, highly trained Integrative Mind and Body therapist with 25 years experience and certifications in both manual and emotional therapies. He is trained in Orthopedic Integrative massage and many other modalities


Chief Canine Officer & Welcoming Committee

Aspen joined the Center in 2024 as a rescue from a local organization. He serves as Lisa’s loyal companion. He is about 2 years old and a mix of Shepherd, Cattledog and Husky. He is very friendly, sweet and intelligent. He welcomes everyone to the Center!

We love dogs, and there is one on-site! A lovable dog is part of our family here at the MedFit Center. Our canine companion is a team member and may greet you upon arrival as part of our welcoming environment. If you have any concerns about our canine companion or other dog visitors to the Center during your visit, please notify a team member, and we’ll do our best to take any necessary precautions.

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