Client Testimonials

After suffering horrible sciatica pain and unable to exercise much at all, I finally received relief through physical therapy. Not wanting to be in pain again, I asked my doctor for a recommendation for a trainer who could work with me to regain my strength and fitness without reinjuring myself; he recommended Lisa. As age and injuries took its toll, I was afraid to exercise hard for fear of getting hurt again. But Lisa has taught me how to exercise the right way while pushing me to better fitness, less pain and the positive attitude. Even us baby boomers can keep moving and live better, healthier lives.
Jannis D.
Rarely do you find someone with the education, experience, dedication, and professionalism in any profession, let alone personal training. Lisa has not only met my every expectation, but has surpassed them. Specifically, as a 40-something executive with 25 years of living life from behind a desk, I had physically weakened to the point where I was experiencing lower back and joint pain. Within 90 days of training with Lisa I have lost 50% of my body fat and increased my strength by 50%. More importantly it was challenging and fun. Lisa has changed my life and more importantly how I view myself.
Mario R.
There is an old saying 'it’s never too late to try'. At the age of 76, I had put myself into the category 'too late' by letting myself become overweight, doing very little exercise, suffering from aching bones, leg and muscle weaknesses, etc… on top of this surviving a heart attack. Lisa put together a program that was personalized to my needs, and to my unique health history and my physical weaknesses. Her personal interest in each of her clients, the professional insight and guidance, and patience, is beyond remarkable. The individual sessions are well planned for each person’s need. Working through this progressive fitness program made me much more confident. It has allowed me to walk with more ease and to breathe better! Best of all, it was so great having my cardiologist tell me that my heart muscle is much stronger enabling the blood flow through the arteries, and to keep up the exercises.
Sandra K.
I LOVED the stretch session I had. One by one, my limbs and joints were moved, leaving me feeling flexible and relaxed. I highly recommend it!
Kathy F.
I highly recommend doing stretch sessions. It begins with deep breathing and stretching in time with your breathing. I leave totally relaxed and I feel more limber as I walk out the door. I believe guided stretching has helped me a lot (I’m 72 years old) with my flexibility and overall movement.
Erlinda M.
I have found Lisa to be an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous knowledge, versatility and discipline. Lisa has a vast understanding of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of her clients. Her pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to her willingness to work with her clients at their own levels. She instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. With her many years of experience in physical fitness, Lisa is able to adjust her exercise programs to any age group and fitness level in order to achieve maximum results.
Stacy F.
After healing up from bunion surgery, I decided I needed to be held accountable for my physical fitness. Working with Lisa has made a big difference in my balance, posture, strength, and confidence. Those differences are major accomplishments; especially when one is able to purchase the senior tickets at the theatre and still working hard in these days of long hours in a tough business climate.
Valerie K.
To put it succinctly, Lisa is an amazing trainer. When you first start, she determines an individual's goals regarding their workout and establishes a benchmark as to where that individual's current level of fitness is. She sets up distinct training programs that focus on every aspect of physical fitness including all muscle groups in the upper and lower body, cardio training, endurance, core, strength, balance, flexibility, etc. Lisa then rotates workouts to ensure complete fitness, and consistent variety. Her knowledge of all aspects of physical fitness is impressive. Lisa's passion is always evident.
Ray T.
For some time before I met Lisa, I’d been mulling over what I could do to feel fitter. I decided that with working with a personal trainer would be ideal – if I could just locate one who understood the challenges I face because I have fibromyalgia. One who was willing to work within the constraints imposed upon me by the chronic pain disorder. Luckily, I found Lisa. Every workout with her challenges me physically – but I never feel like my fibromyalgia has slipped her mind. She’s always concerned about what is best for me, both physically and emotionally, and is willing to accommodate my needs.
Lynne M.
Lisa’s first rule when it comes to training is, "do no harm". I have worked with individuals in the past that pushed my body beyond its limits. As a result, I experienced injuries that forced me to stop training. This has not been the case with Lisa. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and proper body bio-mechanics.
Tim M.
Thanks again for all of the help and encouragement you’ve given. When I came to you, my spirits and health were at low ebb. The motorcycle accident and resultant damage and surgery to my shoulder left me feeling very uncertain about my prospects for recovery. I really appreciate the amount of interest and care that you put into developing a program for me. While challenging, I never felt that we were overdoing it. My progress has been steady and gratifying. I have recovered more range of motion in the injured shoulder than I ever thought possible. I feel stronger and more fit than I have since college. I’m almost back to normal!
Jerry M.
Lisa's professionalism, knowledge and passion should set the standard for the physical fitness industry. When I first engaged Lisa as a trainer, she met with me for an hour to learn my medical history and fitness goals. From this information four to six week periodizations were developed and have been rotated to meet strength, endurance and cardiovascular goals. Consideration has also been given to my age, so that I am best prepared to stay active and enjoy my next stage of life. My goals now include the need to build lean muscle mass, increase my bone density and cardiovascular endurance. Lisa has a keen knowledge of the human body and is committed to helping each client reach their best fitness level. The instruction and cues given to me during my sessions are vital. Currently, I am in the best shape of my life and plan to attain an even greater fitness level under Lisa’s direction.
Carol M.

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